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Sex toys for sexual pleasure and self-esteem!

Violea has only brands that share our values and our message. We want to create dialogue and knowledge for a more healthy view of sex and pleasure, as well as breaking old boring and outdated patterns. Violea simply wants to make a difference!
Good self-esteem is linked to sexual experience and pleasure. The relationship is interesting, because if you strengthen one, you will gain the other. Sex toys can help increase self-awareness, explore what you like and enjoy yourself. Who can resist their body when it gives great pleasure!

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We always keep abreast of what's happening in the adult toy industry. A lot is happening in the innovation and pleasure area at our suppliers right now. We are constantly incorporating new brands and products to meet our customers with the best in the market.

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Founders of Violea

We are genuinely interested in sex, sexuality and pleasure in relation to norms and values. We want to make a difference and offer something different from the traditional sex toy shops. Something that is more for you, which tickles your self-esteem and your pleasure.

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