Désirables is one of our partners from Montréal, Canada who are convinced that, in order to have a healthy and balanced life, a healthy and balanced sex life is needed. Achieving this requires knowledge, awareness, communication, but perhaps most importantly self-awareness and self-esteem. Desirables beautiful sex toys are handmade from natural materials, mainly in porcelain and just by holding them in your hand you can feel what message they want to convey and what positive power they have.

< p style = "font-style: italic;"> "We specialize in creating and bringing to the market a new kind of intimacy's accessories. We create products made for pleasure and self-love that are warm, functional, sustainable and Aesthetic. All our products are proudly made with the best materials available, by small businesses and craftsmen from our surroundings. We believe in sexual wellness and conscious pleasures! "

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