The founders of Violea
We are genuinely interested in sex, sexuality and pleasure in relation to norms and values. We want to make a difference and offer something different from the traditional sex toy shops. Something more for you, tickling your self-esteem and pleasure.
Why Choose Violea?

You think that the standards around sex and enjoyment are outdated and boring. You want a more equal, fun and easy-going view. You think there is missing a sex toy online store where you can feel relaxed and safe to shop. You want to make sure that the intimate products you use are made of substances and materials that are not harmful to you or the environment, are vegan and not tested on animals. You want to let go your sexual creativity and explore your sexual pleasure even more.

Violea only cooperates with companies that have an ethical approach throughout the production chain, which has products that are vegan, not tested on animals and made of body-friendly materials. For us, it is important to have partners who stand for a healthy view of sexuality and pleasure.
Our values are:
We want to take care of the environment, body and soul.
Everyone has the right to love themselves and to be unique.
Everyone's right to their own pleasure .
We meet the conscious human.

The name VIOLEA comes from the flower violet, which is considered natural aphrodisiac.
We have great visions in terms of sustainability, ethics, norms and values. Many viewpoints to keep in mind and sometimes even goals that go against each other. So will everything be perfect in the beginning? Most likely, no! It is a learning process for us and we are sure that mistakes will be made. But also that these will be seen as lessons and opportunities to create development in the company. So all constructive feedback, criticism and knowledge that we have not yet addressed is warmly welcomed!
Enjoy a pleasureful life!

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