Our friends

Our friends are partners with whom we have established cooperation in various ways to actually create change together. It can be anything from awareness of sex, body and environment, self-esteem, breaking old boring norms and stereotypes. We know we can't make a real difference on our own without our friends, so these are extra important to us.
 The big sisters for girls self-esteem

Storasystrarna (the big sisters) are a nonprofit organisation that works to strengthen young girls' self-esteem. We want to improve the self-esteem of young girls in order to make Sweden more equal and that young girls should understand their own value and dare to take an early position in society.

Animal rights always on the animal side

Djurens rätt
Djurens rätt (Animal Rights) is Sweden's largest animal rights and animal protection organization and is party-politically unbound and working for a world where animals are respected as knowing individuals with the right to their own lives. As a member of Animal Rights you have a discount at VIOLEA.

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