Wooden Anal Plug Rainbow Northern Light Small-Teatiamo-VIOLEA
Wooden Anal Plug Rainbow Northern Light Small-Teatiamo-VIOLEA


Wooden Anal Plug Rainbow Northern Light Small

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Teatiamo Anal plug is a beautiful unique masterpiece designed and made in Finnish Lapland under Analis Borealis.

Teatiamo Arctic Anal is chemical-free and very resistant to gaze and use. Our products are safe and healthy choice, they are natural and wooden and don't contain any synthetic materials. Arctic Anal can be a lifetime partner and it will bring you joy and stimulation to your sexual moments.

The dyed and laminated wood is a strong and ideal material for gun stocks. However Teatiamo makes love not war so now for the first time in history these blanks are used for sex toys. Teatiamo Arctic Anal plug is designed for your pleasure.

Teatiamo Butt Plugs are designed and made in Rovaniemi, Finland by the Arctic Circle. Our plugs are all unique and handmade.

Approximate Measurements
Length: 15 cm
Diameter: 3,5 cm
Material information: Finnish birch blank
High-solid acryl clear coat*
*The final products are finished with Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CC 9. It is a VOC-compliant High-Solid acrylic clearcoat for full and partial paintworks on cars and commercial vehicles and provides a particularly brilliant finish and an optimal flow on solvent- or water-based basecoats. The surface prevents moist and dirt. You can wash these products by hand – not in a washing machine.

Care instructions
Finishing works well with oil, water and silicone lubricants. After use, simply rinse the product with water and dry it off. With good care and proper maintenance wood can last forever.

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