The Heart Slim - Dildo rosenkvarts - Chakrubs - Violea.se
The Heart Slim - Dildo rosenkvarts - Chakrubs - Violea.se
The Heart Slim - Dildo rosenkvarts - Chakrubs - Violea.se
The Heart Slim - Dildo äkta rosenkvarts kristall-Chakrubs-VIOLEA
Chakrubs The Heart Slim - Dildo äkta kristall-Kristaller-Chakrubs-VIOLEA


The Heart Slim - Rose quartz crystal dildo

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”The Heart Chakrub” The Heart - Slim is sculpted from pure rose quartz, a crystal of unconditional love. This gentle stone speaks directly to the heart chakra to help dissolve emotional wounds and provide a circulation of divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. By reawakening the heart to its own innate love, the user feels a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing them the capacity to truly give and receive love from others.

The Heart - Slim can specifically assist with:
- Revealing the beauty in yourself to build self-confidence
- Teaching the true essence of love and attracting it in all forms (self, erotic, romantic, platonic)
- Fostering a generous outlook that enhances feelings of compassion and forgiveness
- Providing comfort to those who are grieving or in pain
- Stimulating sensual imagination
- Healing internal childhood wound and reprogramming the heart to receive love
- Balancing yin-yang energy
- Releasing blockages in the heart chakra
- Stimulating the root chakra to rejuvenate the physical body
- Dissolving anger, resentment, fear, and suspicion

The Heart - Slim is a slender & nimble Chakrub, suitable and pleasurable for intimate massage.

Materials & Weight:
100% natural rose quartz crystal
Weight: 0.5 lb
Measured Flat: 7” long and 1.33” wide
Circumference: 2.5” small end and 3.5” large end

Chakrubs do not require batteries
100% natural - does not contain chemicals or artificial treatment
Smooth surface
Relieves muscular and emotional tension

*Color and size variations may occur because they are hand shaped and made out of pure rose quartz. Slight imperfections in the crystal are normal as they are hand polished and shaped without dyes or chemicals.

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